Antique Lori Pambak rug with "birds on a tree" motif main border. circa 1880. 160x270cm (5'3"x8'10")


Antique Kuba Gymyl village rug with two concentric medallions. c 1910. 170x407cm (5'6"x13'4")


Antique Karabagh rug with "Memling" Guls, Kalbajar district, Azerbaijan. c 1880-1890, 140x235cm (4'7"x7'8")


Antique Tabriz Haji Jalili rug, c 1890, 133x183cm (4'4"x6'0")

Antique Kazak Kilim with Ram's Horn motif, circa 1900


Antique Kazak Turtle rug, late 19th century, Tovuz District


Antique Kazak Mehrabli rug with camel motives, Tovuz district, Azerbaijan, c1900, 140x200cm (4'7"x6'6")

Antique Khamseh rug, probably Inallu tribe,

c 1890, 143x186cm (4'8"x6'1")


Kuba rug with a red latticed field
Code: KULT01
Age: circa 1900-1910
Size: 103x158cm
Size (ft): 3'4"x5'2"

A rare antique Talish rug, ~1850-1875, 119x294cm (3'10"x9'7")


Antique Shahsavan Moghan kilim, c1900, 146x271cm (4'9"x8'10")

Antique Shahsavan Moghan kilim, c1910, 179x359cm (5'10"x11'9")

Antique Shirvan Guzgulu ("Mirror") kilim, ~90-100 years old, 151x252cm (4'11"x8'3")

Antique Serab rug in a camel ground
Code: SRB01
Age: circa 1910
Size: 110x167cm
Size (ft): 3'7"x5'5"

Antique Tabriz 'Haji Jalili' style rug
Code: TBHJ01
Age: c 1910
Size: 120x172cm
Size (ft): 3'11"x5'7"

Antique 'Talish' rug with a diagonally striped field
Code: TLTR01
Age: ~1880
Size: 105x250cm
Size (ft): 3'5"x8'2"

Antique Kuba Sumakh
Code: KUSM01
Age: circa 1920-30
Size: 141x166cm
Size (ft): 4'8"x5'5"

Antique Shirvan Medallion & Gubba (Dome) rug with eternal knot motifs
Code: SHMD03
Age: last quarter 19th century
Size: 140x315cm
Size (ft): 4'7"x10'4"

Antique Karabagh Cloudband village rug
Code: KRBCL02
Age: ~1900-1910
Size: 115x230cm
Size (ft): 4'0"x7'6"

Antique Karabagh Shusha Herati design long carpet
Code: KRBHRT01
Age: 1900s
Size: 171x582cm
Size (ft): 5'7"x19'1"

Antique Shirvan Medallion & Gubba (Dome) rug with eternal knot motifs in a natural dark brown ground
Code: SHMD02
Age: 1900-1910
Size: 160x310cm
Size (ft): 5'3"x10'2"

Antique Kuba Afshan Sajayaghy rug in a dark blue ground
Code: KUAF01
Age: ~1890-1900
Size: 128x165cm
Size (ft): 4'2"x5'4"

Antique Kuba long rug with "keyhole" design ("Qadim Minare")
Code: KUQM01
Age: ~1890s
Size: 127x251cm
Size (ft): 4'2"x8'3"

Shirvan Marasali prayer rug
Code: SHMRZ01
Age: ~1900-1910
Size: 94x155cm

Shirvan 'Shiralibek' long rug
Code: SHSHRB01
Age: ~1880-1890
Size: 165x355cm
Size (ft): 5'5"x11'8"

Antique Baku Surakhani large carpet
Code: BKSR01
Age: 1890s
Size: 147x246cm
Size (ft): 4'10"x8'1"

Antique Borchaly Fakhraly (so called Fachralo) Namazlyg/prayer rug
Code: BRFR01
Age: circa 1900
Size: 168x225cm
Size (ft): 5'6"x7'5"

Antique Kazak rug in an indigo blue ground with polychrome boteh / buta motifs
Code: KZKBT01
Age: ~1880-90
Size: 102x170cm
Size (ft): 3'4"x5'6"

Antique Karabagh rug ("Talish") with polychrome boteh motifs in a medium blue ground
Code: KRBBT01
Age: 1880-1890
Size: 100x253cm
Size (ft): 3'3"x8'3"

Antique Tree Kazak rug with a Turtle medallion, dated 1277 (1861) in two places
Code: KZTL01
Age: Second half 19th century
Size: 160x240cm
Size (ft): 5'2"x7'10"

Antique Gendje Garmagly rug in a medium blue ground
Code: GGAR01
Age: ~1880s
Size: 103x287cm
Size (ft): 3'4"x9'4"

Antique Shirvan Medallion & Gubba (Dome) (so called "Karagashli") rug in a shaded navy blue field
Code: SHMD04
Age: ~1870-80
Size: 122x250cm
Size (ft): 4'0"x8'2"

Antique Karabagh Shusha Herati Balyg rug
Code: KRBHRT02
Age: 1880-1890
Size: 102x160cm
Size (ft): 3'4"x5'2"

A rare antique Shirvan Bidjov rug with swastika motif border
Code: SHBJ02
Age: 1880-1890
Size: 150x305cm
Size (ft): 5'0"x10'0"

Antique Serab rug in a camel ground
Code: SRB02
Age: circa 1900
Size: 120x305cm
Size (ft): 4'0"x10'0"

Antique Baku Khila Buta carpet in a dark blue ground
Code: BKXB02
Age: 1880-1890
Size: 160x370cm
Size (ft): 5'3"x12'1"

Antique Baku Khila Buta carpet in a midnight blue ground
Code: BKXB01
Age: 1880-1890
Size: 235x390cm
Size (ft): 7'9"x12'10"

Antique Karabagh Cloudband village carpet
Code: KRBCL01
Age: 1902 dated
Size: 138x263cm
Size (ft): 4'6"x8'8"

Antique Kuba rug with stepped medallions and tree of life motifs
Code: KUMD01
Age: 1910-1920
Size: 117x183cm

Antique Gendje Chyragly rug in a blue ground
Code: KZAKS01
Age: Late 19th century
Size: 135x265cm
Size (ft): 4'5"x8'8"

Antique Kazak rug with Memling Guls in an indigo blue ground
Code: KZMG01
Age: ~1860-1870
Size: 153x210cm
Size (ft): 5'0"x6'10"

Antique Kazak rug with stylized cruciform abstract tree motifs and diagonal serrated leaves
Code: KZXYP01
Age: 1900-1910
Size: 130x230cm
Size (ft): 4'4"x7'7"

Antique Kazak rug with Zeyve medallions
Code: KZZV01
Age: 1916
Size: 133x235cm
Size (ft): 4'4"x7'9"

Antique Qashqai kilim
Code: QSKM01
Age: ~1890s
Size: 155x320cm
Size (ft): 5'1"x10'6"

Antique Shirvan Medallion & Gubba (Dome) rug in a dark blue ground
Code: SHMD01
Age: ~1900s
Size: 167x311cm
Size (ft): 5'6"x10'3"

Antique Kuba Perepedil rug
Code: KUPER01
Age: 1880-1890
Size: 125x175cm
Size (ft): 4'1"x5'9"

Antique camel field Bakhshaish rug with overall "aksu" motifs
Code: BKSH01
Age: 1875-1890
Size: 115x210cm
Size (ft): 3'9"x6'9"

Antique Shirvan Medallion & Gubba (Dome) (so called "Karagashli") rug with an abrashed blue field
Code: SHMD05
Age: 1880-1890
Size: 122x380cm
Size (ft): 4'0"x12'5"