Antique Lori Pambak rug with "birds on a tree" motif main border. circa 1880. 160x270cm (5'3"x8'10")

Antique Kuba Gymyl village rug with two concentric medallions. c 1910. 170x407cm (5'6"x13'4")

Antique Karabagh rug with "Memling" Guls, Kalbajar district, Azerbaijan. c 1880-1890, 140x235cm (4'7"x7'8")

Antique Tabriz Haji Jalili rug, c 1890, 133x183cm (4'4"x6'0")

Antique Kazak Kilim with Ram's Horn motif, circa 1900 (SOLD)

Antique Kazak Turtle rug, late 19th century, Tovuz District (SOLD)

Antique Kazak Mehrabli rug with camel motives, Tovuz district, Azerbaijan, c1900, 140x200cm (4'7"x6'6")

Antique Khamseh rug, probably Inallu tribe,

c 1890, 143x186cm (4'8"x6'1")

A rare antique Talish rug, ~1850-1875, 119x294cm (3'10"x9'7")

Antique Shahsavan Moghan kilim, c1900, 146x271cm (4'9"x8'10")

Antique Shahsavan Moghan kilim, c1910, 179x359cm (5'10"x11'9")

Antique Shirvan Guzgulu ("Mirror" kilim, ~90-100 years old, 151x252cm (4'11"x8'3")



Shirvan Lamp Medallion kilim, ~ 80 years old, 172x319cm (5'7"x10'5")

Kuba Garmagly kilim, ~1930s, 185x335cm (6'0"x10'11")

Kuba Gollu Chihi rug in an ivory ground, ~70 years old, 140x220cm (4'7"x7'2")

Shirvan Aynali kilim, ~ 70 years old, 209x375cm (6'10"x12'3")

Shirvan kilim, ~80 years old, 150x280cm (4'11"x9'2")

Kazak Karvansaray village rug, ~80 years old, 145x220cm (4'9"x7'2")

A pictorial Qashqai Gabbeh rug depicting mountain goats, mid 20th century, Fars Province, Zagros mountains, Iran

Karabagh rug, 1960s, Fuzuli-Jabrail district, Azerbaijan. 126 x 210 cm, 4'1" x 7'0"

Moghan village rug, 1950s, Yardimli District, Azerbaijan

Kazak Karvansaray village rug, ~70 years old, 150x235cm (4'11"x7'8")

Kuba kilim in dark blue ground, ~70-80 years old, 154x361cm (5'0"x11'10")

Kuba kilim with "lamp" medallions, ~80 years old, 178x370cm (5'10"x12'2")

Old Zakatala kilim, ~80 years old, 280x355cm (9'2"x11'7")

Shirvan Lamp Medallion kilim, ~ 60 years old, 183x340cm (6'0"x11'1")

Kuba Gushlu (Bird) kilim, ~90 years old, 163x314cm (5'4"x10'3")

Shirvan Garmagly kilim with a scene "Serpen held by Ophiuchus", ~ 60 years old, 205x355cm (6'8"x11'7")

Old Fakhraly (so called Fachralo) rug with Lori-Pambak type of medallion, ~80 years old, 146x250cm (4'9"x8'2")