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The stucture of the V & A Museum Ardebil carpet (Sheikh Safi carpet)
The history of the Ardebil carpet (Sheikh Safi al-din Shrine carpet)
Carpets Made to Last -
A Walk Through Baku's National Carpet Museum
Millions of Threads - The Portrait Carpets of Kamil Aliyev
State Visits, State Gifts - Memorializing the Clintons in Carpets
Shusha - Heartbeat of Karabakh (Famous for its carpets and horses)
Khinalig -
Linguists' Dream, Invaders' Nightmare
Readers' Forum - View From Malaysia
Making Sense of Azerbaijan's Legends
Azerbaijan Carpet Book
Taking Art Out of Azerbaijan
Sheki - Paradise in the Caucasus Foothills
The design of the V & A Museum Ardebil carpet (Sheikh Safi al-din Shrine carpet)
Metropolitan Museum to open renovated Islamic Galleries

Textile Art of the Caucasus
Stars and Octagons - Possibly Karabagh region, circa 1700
Cartouches and Stars - early 18th century
Hook Karabagh region (?) - south-west Caucasus, circa 1700
'Shield' Carpet Shirvan region, eastern Caucasus, 17th century
Lattice, Palmette and Sickle-Leaf Carpet - early 18th century
The Toms Dragon Carpet - Shirvan region, late 17th century

Alaska to Azerbaijan - Hali Magazine
Back to Baku - Hali Magazine
Baku Calling - Hali Magazine
Catch a falling star

Azerbaijan Art of Carpet-Making...
Carpet trade in Azerbaijan...
Brief Information on Azeri Carpets...
Everlasting Art...
Carpet types of Azerbaijan

Carpet Weaving Regions of Azerbaijan (with a detailed map of each region)
Get acquainted with Culture of Azerbaijan
Aspects of the contemporary ethnic situation in Azerbaijan

Bibliography on Azerbaijan carpets (in Azeri) - pdf file

Call for producing vivid handmade carpets

A land of magic colors

A useful article to judge quality in Oriental Rugs (Emmet Eiland's Rug Company)

New or Old rugs (Emmet Eiland's Rug Company)

Some Observations on Color in Early Carpets

Azerbaijani Rugs Bring Some Uniqueness To Your Interior