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Brief Information on Azeri Carpets

Unknown masters of the past made unique carpets which continue to amaze and please us with their artistic detection. Magnificent carpets and carpet articles made by Azerbaijan craftswomen are in the collections of the world's largest museums - the Hermitage in Saint-Petersburg, the ”Victoria and Albert” in London, the Textile in Washington, the Louvre in Paris, the Topkapi in Istanbul, and others. Historical sources abound in references to the high level of carpet - making in Azerbaijan and the export of these carpets to different countries.

The prominent 10th - century Arab historians, Abu - Djafar - Mohammed Tabari and Al - Mugaddasi, noted that excellent carpets were made in the Azerbaijan town of Barda.

The ancient folk epic "Dede Korkud" (11th - 12th centuries) especially praised purple Azerbaijan carpets. Colorful Azerbaijan carpets were admired by the Flemish traveler, missionary Guillaume de Rubrouck (13th century) and the Venetian explorer Marco Polo (13th center). Significantly, beginning from the 15th century, Azerbaijan carpets figured in the paintings of European artists, among them Hans Holden the Younger and Hans Mumbling. Mention of gorgeous Azerbaijan carpets is found in the notes of the English traveler Anthony Jenkinson (16th century) and the Dutch seafarer Jan Strays (17th century).

Both pile and pileless carpets are made in Azerbaijan. In making carpets, Azerbaijan masters put into them all their hearts and minds, applied all their skill and lent their works a distinct national color. The art of carpet - making is still alive in Azerbaijan. While following classical traditions, contemporary masters impart a new meaning to old motifs. At the same time, new compositions are being elaborated to reflect the present day of the people.

Azerbaijanis are good fans of the 7th art, and cinema made at the Azerbaijan Studios in Baku reached international prominence during the Soviet period, however difficulties after independence reduced significantly the number of Azeri feature films.