Bruce Fry's needlepoint oriental rugs


Bruce Fry has done millions of stitches on needlepoint canvas.  He has worked on painted canvas and counted stitches on plain canvas over many years.  Over time he has come to love needlepointing oriental rugs.  Their basic design characteristics of geometric repeating patterns and outlining the pattern that is then filled with a different color makes using a graph and counting from a pattern highly efficient in making a project.


One problem with finding exciting new projects is the lack of suitable designs for needlepointing oriental rugs or even pillows without the expense of painted canvas. “I have also come to realize that painting a canvas for the type of Oriental rug that interests me is both unnecessary and a liability.  The symmetrical and repeating graphic designs must be counted to be sure that no mistakes are made that can add up to a very big disappointment,” Bruce says.


Some months a go he discovered the website of `Azerbaijan Rugs.  “As I examined the information and pictures I came to realize that one of the steps in making their rugs is the drawing of a detailed graph that is an exact representation of the design to be woven in the rug.  I also appreciated the strong commitment to authentic designs from the area and the traditional craft of rug making shown by the supporters of the project to renew the traditional craft of rug making in Azerbaijan,“ he says. He contacted the site and proposed that we make available graphs of authentic patterns from Azerbaijan for making needlepoint oriental rugs and smaller projects such as pillows.  His suggestion has been accepted and we are presently working on making graphs that reflect the limitations of needlepoint materials such as canvas width and available yarns, in this country.


If you would you like to be one of the first to count an authentic pattern from Azerbaijan on to beautiful needlepoint rug or other project of your choice,  please contact Bruce at

Bruce holds one of his recently finished works, a beautiful Turkish Prayer rug