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Variagated Green ground "Talish" Moghan rug with confronted goats motif

Code: TL105

Size: 105x160cm

Size (ft): 3'5"x5'3"

Area: 1.68 m2

Density: 160 000 knots per square meter, totally ~270 000 knots

Colors: madder red, gold yellow, cerulean blue, variegated green, light green, midnight blue, maroon, ivory, dark brown.

Dyes: madder, weld (Reseda Luteola), indigo, pomegranate skins, natural dark brown sheep wool, natural ivory sheep wool

Materials: Handcarded and handspun wool for pile, ivory wool warps and ivory wool wefts (two shots). 1cm of flatwoven kilim ends at both sides. - wool on wool

Knots: Gördes (Turkish, symmetrical)

Pile height: 0.4cm

Ends: five rows of decorative knotted meshwork

Inscriptions: "Moughan" (in ancient Orkhon Yenisey scripts)

Weaver: Aynur

Weaving Period: Three months

Handwoven in Azerbaijan

Design:  Rugs of this composition are among the most powerful and impressive examples of Caucasian village weaving. One of the symbolic interpretations of rug design put forward by Professor Schuyler Cammann and others seems to have a particularly forceful relevance frame acting as a protective barrier between this world and the next. Two confronted goat motifs in the shaded green field (nature) are symbolizing the conflict between good and evil. The upper right corner contains an inscription "Mughan" in the ancient Turkic scripts (VII century). The field is in an ivory border of polychrome rosettes divided by paired quartered lozenges between flower head motif stripes and outer reciprocal skittle-pattern stripe (medakhil)

The field design - by Vugar Dadashov

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