'This is an exceptional project. The craftsmanship truly outstanding and totally exceeding any other contemporary operations elsewhere in the world.
Vugar, our Kuban Alpan and Star Kazak rugs are beautiful possessing a warmth and vibrancy that is unrivalled.
You have been so professional, patient and helpful for which we are extremely grateful.'
I look forward to the next order!

P. C. / Dorset, England

It is rare that I am speechless but the safe delivery of the Karachov, careful unpacking followed by the opening of the carpet in my living room has rendered me silent.

The carpet is magnificent on so many levels. It simply does not matter that it is not an old rug. The colors, the construction, the freedom of artistic expression are all combined in one beautiful piece.

I will write more when I am able to compose my thoughts but in the meantime please accept my deepest gratitude for your superior knowledge, taste and management. You have an extraordinary talent my friend.

I will have fine dreams this evening.

W.M../ CA, USA

The rug just arrived in good order in just a few days, from the other side of the world. It is terrific! I have carpets from other great weaving centers -- Anatolia, Persia, and Afghanistan -- but this one is my favorite by far.


 I want to tell you again how beautiful your rugs are. My children and I like to sit on the floor and look at the colors in the late afternoon when the sun comes through the window. B.N. / USA

The carpet arrived today. I'm really happy and satisfied because it is beautiful and very refined. It is more fascinating than I thought. Thank you for your professionalism and seriousness. I already have in mind another. M.P. / Italy

These Caucasian contemporary rugs are unique in the world: this id the only thought that comes to my mind looking at many works of the art that Mr. Vugar Dadashov weaved for me. Indeed, four years ago, I had the fortune to discover the latest and the authentic carpets knotted in the Caucasus and not only. This is a very interesting project created by him, despite so many difficulties due to the prices and qualities competitions with other manufactures of the lowest intrinsic value coming from other countries in Middle East.

Before the rugs he loves his country and its ancient textile traditions. It should be emphasized that the Caucasus is very rich in oil business and, today, it’s so hard to find skilled weavers who get up easy money to choose a more difficult and delicate job getting less money. Nevertheless he developed more and better this wonderful art of his country to give us, even, the miracles of ancient textile art, today lost forever. But the techniques of knotting, the natural colors of the wools, the splendour of its production give us, again, the copies of so wonderful and quite similar to those ancient rugs. / Pierluigi.P. Italy

I could not be happier with the Sewan. Sorry to gush but it's lovely.

"The Star Kazak arrived quickly and safely, it is beautiful and it has exactly the same pattern of the ancient one, even the abrash are the same. Moreover the pile is quite high (like most of Kazak rugs) but at the same time the rug is very soft and pleasant to walk on. Vugar is very kind and professional. Higly ecommended, thank you." Mattia S./ France

I received the two new rugs this morning. Thank you is much too week a sentiment to express my gratitude. As with all the rugs I have that you have made, when I walk into a room and see one, I feel joy over and over again.

B.N. / LA, USA

I picked up the carpet 10 minutes ago, opened it and put it on the floor. I must say with heartfelt emotion that carpet is... absolutely beautiful in every respect.
It completely exceeds all of my expectations.

D.N. / Ontario, Canada

A dream.
It is marvelous...
I've never seen a quality of wool like this till yet.
The colors are incredible... Artwork seems to me to be a light word.
You've sold it as a masterpiece and ...you were right : your rug is sumptuous, lavish...
T.H./ Paris, France

I received my rug today, and it is absolutely beautiful!! The design, and craftsmanship are stunning. I love, love, love it, it is spectacular! It is 100 times prettier than the picture, and the picture is great.

R.H. / IL, USA


We love the Oysuzlu rug. It is truly unique and exceptionally beautiful. The wool has a luxurious feel and smells wonderful; the colors are rich and vibrant; and the archaic elements throughout the central field add charm to the tribal design. Thank you for adapting one of your designs to our needs and tastes. The collaborative process was enjoyable, and doing business with you was a great experience.

G.&A., Juneau, Alaska

I just wanted to tell you, that the rug arrived today and say thank you
Congratulations to everyone involved in this beauty!!!
A very impressing composition. Friendly, quiet, but full of vibrating life.
Mild colours which are harmonic to each other, interesting contrasts with the white colour all around and solid worked.....a killer madder red!
Maybe you can give me some background informations (name of the weavers, location, and so on)
Best regards, with a smiling face

E.F. / Graz, Austria

Yesterday, we received the killim, and it is beautiful! It looks perfect
in the room chosen for it. We are delighted.

Today we received our Tree of Life rug. Wow! What a beautiful piece of
work? Please share our admiration with the weavers, dyers, breeders,
shepherds, and anyone else associated with the production of this
heirloom of the future.

It is truly a splendid piece of work. We are absolutely delighted with it. Please see the attached photos in situ. Note how in one direction the blues are deep and dark and how in the opposite direction, in the same light, the blues are as light as the sky. Amazing. B.Y. / TN, USA

..rug just delivered and unpacked. According to the email object, it is a true magnificent Chelaberd. A pure piece of caucasian art, with powerful design, excellent wool, perfect knotting. And high pile fit the soul of the rug. Thank you very much.

Last but not least, Mr. Dadashov has the deepest knowledge of Caucasian art I met in my life and has the kindness of a true gentleman. It's a pleasure talk and do business with him.

M.C/ Italy

the rug arrived today!...

I am absolutely delighted with it! It is beautiful, the colours are gorgeous, and the surface is very soft and cushiony...

Your weaver has done an absolutely brilliant job! it is very beautifully woven, and very finely detailed. All the shapes are very clearly defined. She is a master craftsman, an artist! Please thank her for me.

I will definitely give your name to anyone who admires my rug if they want to buy one for themselves.

K. T. / Paris, France

My wife and I have just received from Azerbaijan Rugs a beautiful Akstafa runner. What makes it very special is that with Vugar's expert guidance, creative suggestions and infinite patience, the rug incorporated the colours and designs which we love. And, of course, it is exactly the right size. As a collector of old rugs, including several Caucasian, for nearly 40 years I had some concerns about buying a new one. I need not have worried. The colours are as beautiful and subtle as the website shows and will surely mellow over time as all quality rugs do. It can only become more beautiful. We shall treasure it.

N.T. / Australia

it is absolutely beautiful! It looks even more beautiful than the one on the web site. Thank you so much! MGR. / MO, USA

it's GLORIOUS! You can't imagine how it looks in our living room...Oh, thank you so much. We love it, absolutely love it.

I’m so happy about the Chelebi rug ! P.A, Italy

The rug arrived yesterday. It's more beautiful than in the
pictures. You are correct about buying directly from Azerbaijan as the
weaver made this older design come alive. Obviously only someone who is
totally familiar could do this. The rug makes the whole room look

Thanks for being so helpful and making it possible for me to purchase this
work of art.

P.B.  / Santa Fe, New Mexico


The Kazak Karachop is really beautiful: first because the pile, warps and wefts are completely in wool and also for the colours and the designs .

Your Star Kazak is a marvellous rug !!!!! Many thanks, my friend.

this rug seems an antique one !!!!!!!! so soft, so nice, so perfect: all the colors and each centimeter of it are a DREAM. P.P, Siderno, Italy

received the LORI. Just stunning…everything is great: texture, colour, composition, thanks…

the Karachop rug is amazingly gorgeous…

received the rug what a masterpiece. Great colours. Magnificent. Thanks a million

We received the splendid life tree rug yesterday. Thank you for the beautiful carpet. C.A. / Co, USA

The first carpet arrived yesterday and it's superb. The colors are fresh and harmonious. It is just the right size for my living room too

Thank you so much. The rug is beautiful beyond description.

It's wonderful. The colors are so deep and bright. The workmanship is amazing. The weaver is so skillful and careful. A true work of art. C. K. / CA, USA

Excellent quality, very beautiful. I am impressed. It has an anitque quality/look, but is new and solid. I love it. J.H. / WV, USA

We received the rug today and it is fantastic! We are very happy, you did a great job we love the way it feels and looks. Thank you again K.H. / NY USA


A.D.M. / Argentina

I just laid the carpet down and it is absolutely perfect - and beautiful - colors are rich - it is wonderful!
(and the size is fine ) - it all worked out well! Please thank those who wove it.
I love it ... I will hope to do business again in the future!


the carpets arrived yesterday afternoon, in good condition. They look great! Thanks. Mcd Dallas, Texas (USA)

… so beautiful as expected ,and in the placement, so carefully calcutated, are PERFECT!! L.L / Madrid, Spain

Karachop received
thank you again very very much for a marvellous rug!!!



I want to thank you for the carpets.They are beautifull. S. K./ Athens, Greece

the carpet arrived just now ...it is wonderfull thank you, G.A. / Milan, Italy



The carpet arrived today. It is very beautiful (even if the frame has not always the same width, it gets shorter at the top-borders), the wool is soft and the colours are superb. S.B. / Crema, Italy

This it is to let you know that I finally got the rugs, and I like them a lot. It's been two days now, and the more time I spend around them, them better I like them. i think they are really really beautiful. R.S./ Lebanon

The rug arrived today. It is magnificent! I just can't honor you and your weavers enough. I keep staring at it all the time it is so beautiful. I am now quite committed to purchasing another rug from you… K.M./ Wi, U.S.A

The Karachop is absolutely fantastic.
We received the splendid life tree rug yesterday. Thank you for the beautiful carpet. M.A. / CO, USA

The Alpan is very nice.The weaving and finishing
are both very good as is the execution of the design. The color
combination / contrasts are quite good too.

I agree that the Bordjalou is an incredible piece, I think it really
holds up to the best antique pieces - and the slightly square feel is
very much like many older examples that I've seen. I really love the
colours and the wool on this piece. I am very pleased with how
'organized' the border is and how abstract the field is - its such a
captivating rug.

I received the first package two days ago and they are beautiful! The
Shirvan's weaving is exceptional and I'm quite fond of the feel and
colors of the Borjdalou. I actually wish I had chosen a couple others to
feature in the shop.


Excellent quality, very beautiful. I am impressed. It has an antique quality/look, but is new and solid. I love it. J.H. WV, USA

I have just got the rug today. It is in a fine condition and of high quality. J.L. Denmark

The rug came right to my office this afternoon.
A very small package, not heavy at all, in the first minutes i was quite affraid...
But when i put the rug out, beauty was at "rendez-vous" !
Fine work, excellent color, and nice shiny wool...

I have just received the carpet and am very happy with it. I want to thank you again for agreeing to this project where my daughter chose the colors. It is very exciting for her to see the result and to understand how a carpet is made - from design to weaving. C.R. , Prague, Czech Republic

I received karachop rug today. And I love the rug very much!! I’m satisfied with this rug!! Thank you very much! I will come back again when I need new rug! Until next time! K.S./ Japan

… my cousin received the carpet and she said it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL !!! J.J. Saudi Arabia

I received it and it is really beautiful!!

Thanks a lot for helping choose it, and hopefully mi mom is interested in buying some from you too.

I will forward her the pictures you have already sent me to see if she likes one. S.A., Chile

arrived safely - at my front door!!
It is a most charming rug. The colours are great: brilliant abrash in the green rectangular centre.

I picked them up this afternoon at the post office. Very nice, especially the "Chi-Chi."

R.B. / Sacramento, CA


The rug has arrived safely. It is most unusual and beautifully crafted.

I think your weavers must have supernatural skills. This is one hell of
a fine piece


The rugs have arrived today
they are wonderful!

M.Z. / LA, USA

The Kazak Bordjalou arrived. It is magnificent: truly a great work of

Just a perfect rug: looks like a million bucks!

The star Kazak arrived with no problem. I took it out of the parcel and was overwhelmed by its perfection and beauty.

We received the rug this morning. It looks great. Very pleased. thanks again




The gabbeh is a real beauty, finely executed and very finely woven, much more so than  I expected.

Charles from Australia

The rug arrived late yesterday.
It is certainly wonderful, thank you.
M.J. New Zealand


after this long time, the chi chi is at home! Thank you very much, it’s a very beautiful carpet!

I love this design and the colorful choice of details is amazing. ..the weaving is excellent. We are very happy, thanks again.

C.R./ Italy


The rug arrived last night. It exceeds expectations, it is truly divine. Thank you and your weavers very much

We received the rug today and it is fantastic! We are very happy, you did a great job we love the way it feels and looks.
Thank you again K.H. / NY, USA

The rug arrived yesterday, and it looks great. We are very happy with it. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Please pass along our thanks and appreciation to the weavers as well. L.G. , MT, USA

It's absolutely beautiful - I am so grateful to you and those wonderful women who did the weaving. Please thank them all so much.


 the rug looks as if it grew here. It is absolutely beautiful and I am so very grateful to you and the weavers for all the skill and time and work. The rug is stunning. Everything fits so perfectly.

M. G. R. / Minnesota, USA|

it is beautiful! I can't describe what it is about it. The colors are numerous but harmonious. I was afraid it would look gaudy but it does not. It is great doing business with you! I should look forward to another one soon!


C.S. / Singapore



It is very beautiful and soft. It will be placed in my entrance. Hope to buy another rug from your compagni another time. It has been a great pleasure to correspond with you. All my best wishes.

A.K. / Denmark



Yes, we received the rug on Saturday and it is every bit as beautiful as it is described. We are thrilled with it. Thank you for checking on it's arrival. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

B.P. / Colorado, USA


Indeed it is an wonderful rug! And everything with doing this business was very ok for me.

E.F. / Graz, Austria


Today I came home at night. What a surprise. The carpets have arrived.
Vugar, you're a genius, the carpets are wonderful. First-class wool,
wonderful colors and beautiful patterns.
I'm almost speechless. I can not remember me when I bought the last time a
product in such excellent quality.
Thank you very much for your excellent work.


F.F. / Austria



Yes, the rug was delivered on Friday and my wife and I spent a wonderful weekend
admiring its color and detail while getting to know our new peacocks.

Thanks again for all of your communication, design assistance, and effort in producing
and delivering such a beautiful rug. We enjoyed the process almost as much as the result.

Best regards,


J.S.. / Ohio, USA



The carpet is so very very beautiful.


J.V.A. / Ochten, Netherlands (Holland)


..honestly the rug keeps growing on me. So, to answer your question, I am more and more pleased with it every day.

J.H. / NH, USA


I picked them up and they're magnificent! Thank you!

J.S. / Colorado, USA


i have received the item and in good condition. Thanks
The marasali tachte It is nice and rich in color and design.

K.B.F. / Singapore



I just found out today that the rug arrived about a week ago. We are very pleased with the rug! I'm certain there will be repeat business.


D.R. / Texas, USA


The carpet is very beautiful.
Thank you so much.


T.H. / Germany


I just received the carpet. I am very happy and satisfied with the purchase. Thank you for your prompt delivery.

W.T. / Switzerland



I have taken your rug today.
Thank you very very much!!! You kept your word-the rug is amazing. I´m very glad about this piece. The wool and the colours are excellent!!!

With my best wishes,

F.J. / Germany


The ChiChi arrived today – beautiful! Thank you. Please also express my thanks to your weaver. She did a great job.


G.M. / IN, USA


Hi Vugar: The carpet just arrived today, and it is absolutely beautiful. You did a remarkable job designing it and the wavers a terrific job of constructing it. I am very happy with the result! Thank you so much.


L.L. / VA, USA

The rug was delivered in good condition yesterday. The colors are indeed very good and I like it.

M.M.T. / Singapore


Yes, indeed they arrived yesterday. They look marvelous to me. The Marasali due to the selection of the colors is very elegant.

T.E. Switzerland