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'Akstafa' Salyan rug

Size (metric): 150x195cm
Size (ft): 4'11"x6'4"
Area: 2.92 m2
Density: 170 000 knots per square meter, totally ~ over 500 000 knots
Weaving period: four months

madder red, midnight blue, navy blue, cerulean blue, gold yellow, yellow, aubergine, old purple/mauve, sage green, variegated medium green, ivory, dark brown, light brown, orange brown.

: 100% natural dyes: madder, weld (Reseda Luteola), indigo, pomegranate skins, walnut husks, natural brown sheep wool, natural ivory sheep wool

: Handcarded and handspun wool for pile, ivory wool warps and ivory wool wefts (two shots) - wool on wool

Ends: thin plaited fringes

Knots: Gördes (Turkish, symmetrical)

Pile height:

Inscriptions: Yusif, 1438 (=2017 weaving date), tamga (tribal seal) of Afshar tribe

Weaver: Nargiz

Handwoven in Azerbaijan

Inspired by a rare 1870s antique Salyan Akstafa rug design.
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This archaic rich drawing shows peacocks or mythical simurgh birds (ancient Iranian benevolent, mythical flying creature), camels, deers, houses, different human being and animal figures, various bird motives, tribal elements, tamgas, flower heads, tree of life etc around two central octagonal medallions.



Simurgh (ancient Iranian benevolent, mythical flying creature) depicted in Zakarīyā al-Qazwīnī's "Ajā’ib al-makhlūqāt wa-gharā’ib al-mawjūdāt" (Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing) book, XIII (13th) century. From a 17th century copy



Two simurgh birds depicted on the portal of Nadir Divan-Begi madrasah (part of Lab-i Hauz complex), XVII century. Bukhara, Uzbekistan



Simurgh or peacock motif





Contact us for more information about this rug



Contact us for more information about this rug


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