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"Kircheim" Star Kazak (Shykhly / Shikli) rug


Size (metric)
: 152x223cm

Size (ft): 4'11"x7'3"

Area: 3.38 m2

Density: 110 000 knots per square meter, totally ~380 000 knots

Colors: madder red, Persian blue, midnight blue, maroon, aubergine, violet purple/lavender (cochineal), light green, aqua green, dark green, yellow, ivory, dark brown.

Dyes: madder, weld (Reseda Luteola), indigo, onion skins, pomegranate skins, walnut husks, natural brown sheep wool, natural ivory sheep wool

Materials: all wool - handcarded and handspun wool for pile, wool warps and madder and onion skins dyed red wool wefts

Knots: Gördes (Turkish, symmetrical)

Pile height:

Ends: Horizontal band of oblique interlacing warps. Braided fringes, tied with colorful threads

weaving date, tamga (tribal seal) of Afshar tribe

Weaving period: four months

Weaver: Sevda, Könül

Handwoven in Azerbaijan

Design: based on the design of the Kircheim Star Kazak rug

The ivory field with two madder red hooked panels flanked by shaded arrow head green and blue panels enclosed within a combination of irregular forest green hooked panels and part indigo stellar medallions together forming an open lozenge

The origin of the Star Kazak design can be traced back to the early Turkish rugs later named as “Crivelli” and "Holbein" (as early as the 1300s) after the name of the painters, who depicted rugs of this type in their works.

Batári - Crivelli carpet fragment, Iparművészeti Múzeum, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, 15th century, Ottoman Turkey

Annunciation with St Emidius, 1486, by Carlo Crivelli
Oil on wood transferred to canvas, 207 x 146,5 cm, National Gallery, London, click here for a larger view of this painting

A ram's horn motif (Qoch buynuz)

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Contact us for more information about this rug


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