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"Lotto" Ushak carpet in a Kufic border ("Anatolian style"), 1500-1550, Western Turkey, Ottoman Empire. Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Joseph Lees Williams Memorial Collection, 1955

Possibly made in Konya, Anatolia, Asia
Date: First half of 16th century
Dimensions: 6 feet 8 1/2 inches x 3 feet 11 1/2 inches (204.5 x 120.7 cm)

Curatorial Department: East Asian Art
Object Location: Currently not on view

Accession Number: 1955-65-9


Published: Sherrill, 1974. p. 541
Exhibited: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Warp: wool or goat hair, Z2S, ivory. Alternate warps very slightly depressed. Weft: Wool, Z, ivory with a few dark fibers, dyed light rust red, X2. Diagonal lines of weft return.
Pile: Wool, 2Z, clipped well above collars. Gordes knotting, pulled to the left, h 8 + v 11 (90 knots per sq. in.)
Ends: Top; 2 shoots of z red wool, then 1"of z light blue wool kilim. Bottom: 3/4 of z light blue wool kilim.
Sides: 4-cord Z2S light blue wool selvage on singles. Weft attached to innermost cord only.

Condition: A few holes poorly repaired. Several small stains. Black-brown eroding out. Otherwise quite good. Back appears quite fresh, as a nineteenth-century rug might.
Quality: Good. Fairly flexible.
Pile colors: Ivory, black-brown, dark medium brick red, rosy medium brick red, yellow, dark medium blue-blue-green, dark medium blue, light blue





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