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Antique Shahsavan rug, Moghan steppe, Azerbaijan

Code: SHV01

Age: ~1880s

: 130x200cm

Size (ft): 4'3"x6'6"

Structure: wool pile, ivory wool warps and red wool wefts.

Knots: Gördes (Turkish, symmetrical)

Description:  This ~140-150 years Trans-Caucasian tribal rug comes from the Shahsavan nomadic weaving tradition. Attractive diagonally striped field has tiny boteh motifs. A few small motifs with two horns are stylized in a rams head manner. A shamanic human figure is placed in one of the ivory stripes in the central field. The inner minor border carries a butterfly like motif; two human being and two horse figures are depicted in between. The red ground main border has octagons with small botehs inside. A pair of hexagons with small ivory dots are woven on top of the main border. Outer border carries star meander border (which can be seen in early pieces only) on an abrashed yellow ground. Beautiful saturated natural colors - including royal purple. Some repairs.

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Contact us for more information about this rug


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