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Antique Kuba Perepedil rug

Code: KUPER01

Age: 1880-1890

: 125x175cm

Size (ft): 4'1"x5'9"

Structure: wool pile, wool warps and wool wefts.

Knots: Gördes (Turkish, symmetrical)

Description: This is a fine example of a Kuba Pirebedil (so called Perepedil) village rug from the late 19th century. Pirebedil is located in Shabran district of eastern Azerbaijan. The dark blue field scattered with a variety of human being, animal and bird (peacocks) figures, Memling guls, various tribal and floral motifs around the alternating ram's horns and octagons flanked by hooked dart-motifs ("gaychi" moif - scissors), in a dark blue broad kufic border between polychrome diagonal striped "Pakhlava" (National Azerbaijani layered pastry with walnut filling) and star motif minor stripes.

Beautiful abrash (variation in color) of midnight blue & navy blue in the upper field. Good pile, natural dyes, several small old repairs.


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Contact us for more information about this rug


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