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Safavid Arabesque carpet fragment, 16th century, Iran. Austrian Museum of Art

Length: 210 cm.; width, 289 cm.
Warp: cotton, white, 4-fold. To 1 dm. 128 warp threads (= 32 to the inch).
Weft: after every row of knots three shoots: the first and third straight, of brown wool, two-fold; / the middle shoot wavy, yellowish-brown silk, two-fold.
Knotting: sheep's-wool, two-fold. To 1 dm. 58 knots in the length and 64 in the width (= 14 and 16 to the inch). Knotted on two warp threads. To 1 square dm. about 5700 knots (= 250 to the square inch). Pile close, short, slightly to the left.
Colours: eleven. Ground-colours: light blue (inner field), red (border), white (outer edging). Colours of the pattern: light yellow, brownish yellow, dark blue, light blue, green, gray green, red, wine-red, coral-red, rose, white.
State of preservation: a fragment, much injured.

Published: Old Oriental Carpets, issued by the Austrian Museum for Art and Industy
with text by Friedrich Sarre and Hermann Trenkwald