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Humay and Humayun feasting in a garden and listening to musicians

From the Khamsah of poet Khwaju/Khaja Kirmani (Kermani). Dated 1396

Khwaju Kirmani (Persian: خواجوی کرمانی‎), whose full name is Abuíl-ʿAtā Kamāl-al-Din Mahmud b. ʿAli b. Mahmud Morshedi (1280Ė1352), was a famous Persian poet and Sufi mystic from Iran.

Painter: Junayd Nakkash as-Sultani (from Shiraz) who was in the service of Jalairi Sultan Ahmad (1382-1410) in Baghdad

Location: British Library (Add.18113, f.40v)









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