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Iskandar, in the likeness of Husayn Bayqara, with the seven sages. An inscription in the arch of the window is dated AH 900 (1494/95). Possibly the work of Bihzad

The five poems making up the Khamsah by Nizami Ganjavi (1140 or 41-1202 or 3), containing one double and 20 single miniatures in the Herat later Timurid style. The attributions to various artists beneath the lower margins of the miniatures were added later but the miniatures on ff. 37v, 135v, 190r, 214r, 225v,and 273r are considered to be possibly the work of Bihzād. One of the paintings (f 284r) is clearly dated 900 AH (1494/95). The history of the manuscript is documented with more than 70 inscriptions and seal impressions dating from 1564/65 to 1782. Illustrations: (1v-2r) The manuscript possibly being presented to Sultān Mīrzā Barlās, ruler of Samarkand. Ascribed to Mīrak Khurasānī. The patron holds a piece of paper which appears to have the name ʻAlī Fārsī on it in addition to further inscriptions which have not yet been deciphered.

Location: British Library (BL Or.6810, f. 214r).






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