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Heraldic Blazon: Mamluk period, late 14th century; Linen, silk embroidery, slanted counted filling stitch, stem stitch; Ashmolean Museum, Inv.Nr. 1984.86

This is a kite shaped emblem, which shows earlier Fatimid influence. The textile is blue dyed linen, embroidered with red and yellow silk in a slanted counted stitch. The details of the emblem show the stitches used, including chain stitch around the item within the emblem- The size of the embroidery is 9.5 x 6.5 cm, with the person wearing this emblem to have been the cup bearer (the goblet) and master of robes (the yellow diamond). It is though to have been made in the late 14th century, and thought to have decorated a corner of the cloth (possibly from a saddle cloth). The textile is in the Ashmolean Museum.

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology University of Oxford

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