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Antique Zakatala rug, North Azerbaijan, 19th century. Rippon Boswell & Co. International Auctioneers of Rare Carpets & Textiles

Major Autumn Auction

Auction date: Saturday 29. November 2014

Lot: 62
Zakatale Yatak The light red field is decorated with four octagons, each enclosing a cross design and crowned with two palmette-like forms, as well as three trees and many secondary motifs, including animals. The large S-forms of the main border can be interpreted as stylised dragon figures. Zakatale rugs were made in the villages of the eponymous region in the north west of what is now Azerbaijan. Their highly heterogeneous designs reflect different ethnological influences. The group has been little studied to date. Our example resembles Genje rugs in colour scheme. Coarsely woven, with a high pile and heavy, this rug probably served as a yatak (bed), i.e. a sleeping rug. Original finishes all around, good condition.
Origin: Central Caucasus
Dimensions: 178 x 145 cm
Age: Second half 19th century
Estimate: 6,500.00