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Antique Moghan (Mughan) rug, 19th century, Azerbaijan

Lot: 202
Moghan Long Rug An extremely rare carpet in a long format, its field abrashed in several shades of brown and covered by a network of light blue lines running diagonally to the central axis, probably symbolising a tree-of-life. Various animals, diamonds, squares, rosettes and even combs are distributed across the ground; the pattern increases in density as it ascends. Herrmann, who published one of the few comparative pieces, interprets this design as a “stairway to heaven”. The great age of this carpet, which may be the work of the Moghan Shahsavan, is apparent not only in the quality of materials and clear colours, but also in the archaic style of the wide border. – Very well preserved, original finishes all around.
Origin: South East Caucasus
Size: 321 x 100 cm
Age: ca. 1800 or earlier
Estimate: 40.000,00 €
Literature: HERRMANN, EBERHART, Asiatische Teppich - und Textilkunst 4. Munich 1992, no. 55

Rippon Boswell

Major Autumn Auction
Auction date: Saturday 05. December 2009 at 03 PM