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Ottoman Cairene Medallion Carpet, Bardini Museum, Florence

inventary number: Bd007867
title:  Cairo Ottoman carpet
place and date: Egypt, 16th century
description: Warp: light yellow/beige wool, S4Z, on two levels Woof: light yellow/beige wool, S4Z, 2 passages Knot: wool, asymmetric opened on the left, S2/S3, 36h x 34v = 1224 n/dmq Colors: (12) avory, pinkish beige, orange red, light yellow, yellow egg, golden yellow, light green, green, petroleum green, light blue aquamarine, blue, dark brown
dimension: cm 265 x 394
notes: Bibliography: A. Boralevi in 'Geometrie d'Oriente - Stefano Bardini e il tappeto antico', cat. ed. Livorno (Sillabe), 1999, pp. 32-33.

Museo Storico della Caccia e del Territorio (opened September 28 2002)
Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi

Image courtesy: John Taylor, rugtracker.com