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West Anatolian carpet, now in Zaleski Collection

Lot: 131

West Anatolian Carpet: The black-brown field shows a repeat drawn in a geometric style. Yellow arabesques as well as red and green palmettes are linked by hooked twigs. The white-ground border is decorated with heart-shaped designs. This very rare piece, made somewhere in West Anatolia but neither in the Bergama nor the Ushak region, belongs to a group of carpets in which a border design has migrated to the field. For instance, borders displaying the designs seen here are encountered in Ghirlandaio „keyhole“ carpets. The earliest representation of an Anatolian carpet showing a border design in the field is found on a family portrait of King Henry VIII in Hampton Court Palace, dated 1547. As is so often the case in antique Anatolian carpets, the ornaments that at first glance appear like highly stylised floral designs can also be interpreted as abstract animals, meaning that an older Anatolian tradition continued in disguise, as it were. Divided horizontally in the past, the carpet was recently re-joined, but today it is either complete or only missing a fraction of its original overall length. The damaged sides have been backed with red fabric, various repiled areas.

Origin: West Anatolia
Size: 238 x 163 cm
Age: Early 17th century
Estimate: 35.000,00 €

Rippon Boswell & Co. International Auctioneers of Rare Carpets & Textiles
Major Spring Auction

Auction date: Saturday 29. May 2010