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Nagel teppiche & islamische kunst (55t)
Rugs & Carpets, Islamic Art
versteigerung: 07.09.2010


Westanatolien, um 1820
101/110 x 92 cm (51352031)
Stellenweise dünn, kleinere Nachknüpfungen.
Kiz Bergama, West Anatolia, circa 1820. Localised wear, minor



The double-niche layout and use of white make this a kiz nuptial carpet. The Kiz-8ergama are distinguished by the large white apple-tree blossoms in the corners and along the inner hexagon's perimeter, as well as by the white key-shaped designs that run along the cornerpieces. Both are symbols of fertility. Other distinguishing features are the restrictive color palette (only white, black and dark red), the stylized floral decoration in the center and the central decoration composed of octagons with eight-pointed stars.