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Anatolian Kilim, possibly 18th century

While Turkish pile rugs have been prized for centuries, only in the past two decades have the flatwoven kilims of Anatolia begun to attract the attention they deserve. In addition to their clear, bold colors and powerful graphics, they are of interest because their design vocabulary, which remained relatively untouched by outside market influences until well into the 20th century, may furnish a bridge to the region's ancient folk design traditions. The main design elements of this outstanding kilim - the bold hexagons on the brown field, and the complex hooked figures on ivory - are rarely seen in other kilims 1 and almost never appear together. The current academic debate over the meaning of these designs is energetic, with no satisfactory resolution in sight.2

The age of this piece is uncertain, but its graphic power, array of intense colors, and absence of side borders all suggest that it dates to a pre-19th-century period. Even its source within Turkey is unclear; it may be Konya or Aydin.

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Structural Analysis
SIZE: 127 1/2 x 74 3/4 in. (323.9 x 189.9 cm.)
WARP: wool, Z2S; brown, ivory
WEFT: wool, Z2S and z; ivory, dark brown, medium-dark brown, brown, red-brown, red, light orange-red, gold, yellow, yellow-green, light green, light blue-green, blue, blue-gray, purple, light purple
ENDS: off-set knotted warp fringe, mostly missing
SIDES: selvedge of 2 cords of 2 warps each

Source: http://www.ne-rugsociety.org/collectors-eye-images/catalogue-11.jpg