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Lot: 85
Antalya Kilim
“On the basis of colour arrangement and structure this outstanding kilim can be placed among a group of weavings from the Antalya region, which Belkis Balpinar first described in the literature in 1984... A very interesting fragment, differing only in small details from the kilim introduced here, is in the Galveston Collection, and another small fragment – perhaps also part of this group or possibly of the west Anatolian red-ground group – is in the McCoy Jones Collection... The weaving illustrated here must be the most beautiful and most interesting, as well as the oldest example in this group of kilims from the Antalya region known to date.” (JR)

We can only speculate about the age, tribal origin and purpose of this important kilim. Based on its mirror-image composition and measurements, it might have been one of the heraldic camel trappings used by Anatolian nomads until very recently. The pattern appears imbued with mystery. The solemn, statuesque figures crested with ram horns at both ends of the field exude a numinous aura. They appear to send signals to each other across the blood-red plain ground, and to communicate with the cruciform diamond at the centre. The expression “cult kilim” springs to the mind when looking at this flatweave, the only completely preserved example of its kind.

Origin: South Anatolia
Size: 386 x 155 cm
Age: 18th century
Estimate: 6.500,00 €
Literature: COOTNER, CATHRYN & MUSE, GARRY, Anatolian Kilims. The Caroline & H. McCoy Jones Collection. San Francisco-London 1990, no. 101 *** PETSOPOULOS, YANNI, 100 Kelims. Meisterwerke aus Anatolien. Munich 1991, no. 30

Major Spring Auction
Auction date: Saturday 29. May 2010
Rippon Boswell & Co. International Auctioneers of Rare Carpets & Textiles