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Aksaray rug, second half 17th century

Lot: 184
An early Central Anatolian carpet with a dark brown diamond medallion containing abstract animals arranged radially around an octagon, and accompanied by four green stars with rosettes at their centres. Quarter sections of analogous medallions accentuate the corners. Small, multicoloured octagons are distributed across the dark red field. The white-ground border has a rare design of eight-pointed stars and pairs of leaves. For many years, this important carpet remained hidden in an American private collection and is previously unpublished. Its perfectly balanced design, very firm weave and excellent colours suggest that it is a workshop product. Judging by the elems with shield motifs, which are typical for the region, Central Anatolia is the only possible provenance; the precise style of the drawing and palette may point to the Aksaray region. The four-and-one medallion design was a favourite theme in Central Anatolia, and is seen in many variations. Several examples date back as far as the 15th century. Since early Anatolian carpets not produced at the courts often survive in fragmented form only, or in a state of heavy damage, the good condition of this carpet is remarkable. Sides cut and new cords attached. Remnants of the red kilim finishes have been preserved at both ends. An old repair at the centre of the medallion, the brown is heavily corroded.
Origin: Central Anatolia
Size: 175 x 120 cm
Age: Second half 17th century
Estimate: 45.000,00


Major Spring Auction
Auction date: Saturday 23. May 2009 at 03 PM
Rippon Boswell