General Information about Gl

Gl is one of the most widely used ornaments of Caucasian Rugs. It is generally placed in the center of the composition. In the Western Europe Gl is known as "medallion", in Russia "rosette". In Central Asia and Azerbaijan it is known as "Gl". We can divide  the Gl which is used in Azerbaijan carpets in the following groups:

1) Round form Gl
Gl of round form is usually believed depicting heavenly bodies such as sun, moon, large and small stars. Most gls of round form have 8 or 16 petals. Gl with 4, 6, 10, 32 petals is also found.

Round Form Gl

2)Elongated form Gl is larger in length than in width, or vice versa larger in width than in length.

Elongated Form Gl

3)Quadrangular Form Gl have the form of a square or polygon and other geometrical figures.

Quadrangular Form Gl

4)Glbendlik - when the composition is consisted of only gls of the same and different shapes. Glbendlik takes an important place in the decorative art of the Near East, Central Asia and Azerbaijan.

1870-made Karabagh Chini Cheshni  rug (Glbendlik)

Gls according to Regions of Azerbaijan

Baku Medallions

Kazak-Genje(Ganja) Medallions

Kuba Medaliions

Karabagh Medaliions

Shirvan Medallions

South Azerbaijan Medallions

Some Gl Drawings with their meanings

Brazier, Camel Track, Circular Tray, Head of Statue, Majolica

Khoncha, Tysbagha, Marriege ornament