Central Border Types / Markazi hashiye

Ketebe border, candlesticks, pitchforks-plows, cherries

Ancient Statues, Balcony Railings, Railing, Dancing Couples

Bird on a branch, Paired birds, Rams Horns

Kufic Borders, Cradles

Curly tresses, Ringlet border, Glass gallery, Tree, Grape Leaves

Hearts, Wheels, Butas, Flowers

Tribal Symbols, Honey Combs, Squares, Mill, Oil Container

Candlesticks, Torches, Firearm Cocks, Stars

Other Central Border Types


Small Border Types / Bala hashiye

Animals, Curls, Medallion Flowers, Pair Butas, Polygonal Medallions, Seljuk Stars

Arrowheads, Bindweed, Button flowers, Buttons, Chicken legs, Cotton balls, Cradles

Scissors, Sea waves, Waves, Sheep head, Wheel, Twisted claws

hearths, lily, mallow flowers, oak, paired hooks, snake, tracery, twig

Flowers and other small border types


Inner Borders / Medakhil

Chains, Curls, Saw

Armband, Buttons, Curved claws, Paired claws, Dashes, Hanging, Hooks, Waves
White Flowers, Twig, Mallow, Ketebe, Branches, Lightning, Hills, Mountains
Track of lamb urine, Wild animal teeth, Flower Bud and other medakhils


Galloons / Zenjire


Apricot Twigs, Chains, Pakhlava, Quince Flowers, Ramshead, Buta

Animals, Arrows, Mullah's head, Nail, Saw, Scissors


Verni and Zili border elements

Mostly based on snake (ilan) motives


Mouse Teeth

Curtain Ornament, Toothed elements, Chain, Curls