Antique Kazak Kilim with 15 Ram's Horn motif, Archaic group, circa 1900

Karabagh rug, 1960s, Fuzuli-Jabrail district, Azerbaijan. 126 x 210 cm, 4'1" x 7'0", wool on cotton, condition: excellent, thick pile.

Moghan village rug, 1950s, Talish Region, Azerbaijan. 124 x 293 cm, 4'0" x 9'7", wool on wool, condition: good, full pile, some small areas repiled.

Khyzy Kilim, woven in Bakhshili village, Khyzy District (south of Kuba), Azerbaijan. ~70 years old, 1940s, some of the colors appear to be natural. 200 x 315 cm, 6'6" x 10'4', condition: excellent.

Shirvan Kilim, "Gymyl" / "Gabala" design, Azerbaijan. ~46 years old (dated 1965), inscripted with Cyrillic letters, "Menden size yadigar" (in Azeri) - means "from me to you, as a memory". 180 x 336 cm, 6'0" x 11', condition: excellent.

Shirvan Kilim, "Güzgülü" (Mirror) design, Azerbaijan. 1960s, 173 x 300 cm, 5'8" x 9'10", condition: excellent.

Shirvan Kilim, "Lamp" design, Shemakha District, Azerbaijan. ~60 years old, 1950s,  184 x 295 cm, 6'0" x 9'8', condition: excellent.

Karabagh rug with a traditional so called "Lesghi Star" or Zeyve design, 1950s, Azerbaijan. 120 x 175 cm, 3'11" x 5'8", wool on cotton, condition: fair.

Shirvan village rug, possibly Nabur village, Azerbaijan. 1940s, 130 x 200 cm, 4'3" x 6'6", condition: fair, low pile, warps: wool, wefts: cotton

A pictorial Qashqai Gabbeh rug depicting mountain goats, mid 20th century, Fars Province, Zagros mountains, Iran. ivory wool warps, madder red wool wefts - 4-5 shots, condition: very good.

Old Akstafa village rug, "Peacocks" design. Shirvan Region, Azerbaijan. 1940s, 108 x 310 cm, 3'4" x 10'0", condition: excellent.

Shirvan Kilim, Azerbaijan. ~60 years old. 177 x 317 cm, 6'0" x 10'4", condition: excellent.

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