Map 1. Azerbaijan in the 18th century. Independent Khanates

Map 2.
During 1801-1828 as a result of bitter fightings (campaigns of Tsitsianov, Gudovich, General Kotlarovski) all Northern Azerbaijan Khanates Karabagh, Shirvan (Shamakhy), Ganja, Sheki, Derbend, Kuba, Baku, Talish, Javad, Nakhchivan, Irevan, also the Sultanate of Ilisu, the Sultanate of Kazak, the Sultanate of Shamshaddin, the Sultanate of Salyan, the Sultanate of Borchaly were occupied by Russian Army.

Map 3. In the territory of the these khanates and sultanates, a few governorates (губернiя )were established - Elisavetpol (Ganja) and Erivan (Irevan) governorates in the west, Shamakhy (Later in 1859, Baku Governate) governorate in the east, Derbend Governate in the north, and partly Tiflis governorate. At the end of the XlXth century, 80% of the population in Elizavetpol (Ganja) Governate and Kuba Districts was involved in wool processing. On the Absheron peninsula which was not a leading sheep breeding region), there were 3.3 sheep per person. The 19th century Russian writer S. I. Gulishambarov who worked and lived in Baku, mentions the existence of many experienced spinners in Azerbaijan.

S. I. Gulishambarov