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A pile rug inspired by the Textile Museum 18th century Azerbaijan silk emboidery

Code: TM-2-9

Size: 152x181cm

Size (ft): 4'11"x5'11"

Area: 2.75 m2

Density: 170 000 knots per square meter, totally ~460 000 knots

Colors: dark brown, red, maroon, medium blue, dark yellow, medium yellow, oat, green, ivory.

Dyes: madder, weld (Reseda Luteola), onion skins, indigo, pomegranate skins, walnut husks, natural dark brown sheep wool, natural ivory sheep wool, natural medium brown sheep wool.

Materials: Handcarded and handspun wool for pile, ivory wool warps and ivory wool wefts (two shots). 1cm of flatwoven kilim ends at both sides. - wool on wool

Knots: Gördes (Turkish, symmetrical)

Pile height: 0.4cm

Ends: thin plaited decorative fringes

Inscriptions: 1439 (=2018 weaving date), tamga (tribal seal) of Afshar tribe, the word "Karabagh"

Weaver: Leyla & Nergiz

Weaving Period: 3 months

Handwoven in Azerbaijan

Design: inspired by the Textile Museum 18th century Azerbaijan silk emboidery. Click here to see

One complete eight-pointed central star, with four severed tips, is echoed by two incomplete siblings at either end, although one of these has strayed from its intended shape, at one side, gives an indication of how an infinite repeat would look. Red and white sickle leaves emerge from diagonal corners of the star medallions.

The blue and and green motifs in the medallions, each with four pairs of hooks, are echoed by similar shapes in the field, but these are in red. A variety of curled, scrolling and hooked leaves and stems deflect attention from the more conventional beige hexagons.

The border has a repeat of white, 8-pointed stars each with two red and two blue hooks. These alternate with blue and red shaped cartouches enclosing "S" forms.

The whole piece is a splendid extravaganza of bursting energy, dominated by the powerful spirals of the sickle-leaves.

Lit: Stars of the Caucasus, Silk Emboroideries from Azerbaijan

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