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Antique Kuba Gymyl village rug with two concentric medallions

Age: c 1910

Code: KUGYM01

Size: 170x407cm

Size (ft): 5'6"x13'4"

Structure: wool pile, ivory wool warps and wool wefts

Selvedge: blue (original)

Knots: Gördes (Turkish, symmetrical)

Condition:  very small reweaves on the borders, the selvedges is partly restored, the finishes are original. Pile - overall very good condition, some small areas of lower pile.

Design: A fine dark brown net design appears on the madder red ground. Two large concentric medallions with articulated hooks and quarter medallions on the corners complete the ornamentation of the central field. The central medallion is called "Turunj", and the corner medallions is called künjlük. The layout of the central and corner medallions derives from the medieval book covers.

Ilkhanid period book cover, 13 century

The main border on a dark bottle green ground appears as a bent, broken and intermittent vine meander set off with arabesque palmettes (herati). Two minor borders in a dark brown ground (undyed dark brown sheep wool) surround the mian border on each side - vine meander design.

Note: This specific type of Kuba Gymyl rugs with multiple medallions are not common.

Here are a few other examples:

This one is from a private collection in Sweden:

Here is an antique Kuba Gymyl rug with three medallions in a medium blue ground:

A single medallion Gymyl in an ivory ground can be seen at the Carpet Museum of Azerbaijan:

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Contact us for more information about this rug


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