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Eastern Anatolia, 'Cypress and Medallion' rug, circa 1700-50

XVII century Eastern Anatolian carpet, Vakiflar Museum, Istanbul, inventory no: 169. published as Plate 59 in Nazan Ölçer's "Turkish Carpets from the 13th-18th Centuries"

Eastern Anatolian Turkish shield rug, 18th century. private collection

Eastern Anatolian rug, Agri Province, Turkey, 19th century. Eskenazi Collection, Milan. published in Tappeto Orıentale Sf 147/64. 140x190 cm

Eastern Anatolian rug, Agri province, Turkey, 20th century. Tokat Museum, inventory no: 4265

Eastern Anatolian Yürük rug, Turkey, 19th century. by Eberhart Herrmann

Eastern Anatolian Turkish "Shield" rug, XVIII century

Medallion carpet, early 19th century, Eastern Turkey. Türk ve İslam Eserleri Museum, Istanbul. Acquired 9 April 1915. inv. no 82 (3074) from the Mosque of Lala Mustafa Paşa, Erzurum. 150 x 281 cm. published Serare Yetkin's "Early Caucasian carpets in Turkey", plate 102.

Medallion Carpet, Turk ve Islam Eserleri Museum, Istanbul. Acquired 24 March 1912. Inv. no. 751 (1411) from Haghia (Saint) Sophia (Ayasofya), Istanbul. 150 x 175 cm. Late Khanate Period, Azerbaijan.
Serare Yetkin, Early Caucasian Carpets in Turkey, Vol. I, pl. 101




Eastern Anatolian rug (Kars / Kağızman?), Turkey, 17-18th centuries.  Heinrich Kirchheim, Orient Stars (labeled as "Seljuk")

Antique Eastern Anatolian rug, Turkey. Sartirana Textile Show 2010, Sartirana Castle, Sartirana, Lomellina (Pv), Italy

Antique Kars / Kağızman rug, Eastern Anatolia, Turkey, mid 19th century. Published in Oriental Rugs: Turkish / by Fritzsche Zipper, C Fritzche, K Zipper, page 188

Antique Eastern Anatolian rug, Turkey, early to mid 19th century. private collection

Eastern Anatolian Yürük rug, Turkey, 19th century