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 Chuval, Face Only
West Anatolia

The white- and red-ground elibelinde (hands-on-hips) motifs that comprise the decorative elements on this piece are unusual for a storage sack (chuval). When sacks of this type are decorated, the figures are more commonly geometric. The incomplete end of this piece would originally have included a pair of yellow and light brown stripes to match the complete end. In use, the two ends and one short side would have been sewn together, with the other side left open. The chuval would then have been positioned with the open side up and the stripes running vertically, as seen in plate #6.

Structural Data:

Size: 4 1 x 3 11

Overview: Bands of weft-faced plain weave, wool, Z singles; and bands of slit tapestry weave with 2:1 interlacing, wool, Z singles; (white patterning is Z3S, 2 of ivory cotton, 1 of ivory wool); 56 per vertical inch

Warp: Ivory wool; Z2S

Weft: Z singles

Selvage: Plain interlacing; 2 sets of paired warps

Ends: Missing