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Rippon Boswell Rare Carpets & Textiles
Major Autumn Auction
Auction date: Saturday 04. December 2010

Lot: 213
Bergama A village rug from the Bergama region with a brilliant red ground displaying a repeat of beautifully drawn elibelinde motifs in a steep composition of colour diagonals. The single-stripe border shows the geometric, stylised leaf and calyx design often encountered in North West Anatolian rugs; the design was also wide-spread in the Caucasus. Only a few examples of this type have survived, it is a rare collector's item. Cut sides, reselvedged, low pile, various repairs and inserted sections.
North West Anatolia
212 x 141 cm
18th century
4,000.00 €
HERRMANN, EBERHART, Asiatische Teppich- und Textilkunst 2. Munich 1990, no. 9 *** BRÜGGEMANN, WERNER & BÖHMER, HARALD, Teppiche der Bauern und Nomaden in Anatolien. Hanover 1980, no. 1 *** TURKISH REPUBLIC MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND TOURISM (publ.), Turkish Handwoven Carpets. Catalog No: 1. Ankara 1987, no. 59