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Rippon Boswell Rare Carpets & Textiles
Major Spring Auction
Auction date: Saturday 25. May 2013

Lot: 71
Bergama: Heybe A saddle bag (heybe) from the Bergama region in its original condition, including the colourful braids and decorative tassels. The two white-ground knotted faces show a tile-like design of four octagons divided by a cross; in the four segments, small diamonds and triangles combine to form larger cross and star shapes. Brüggemann ascribes this complex design to Timurid architectural ornamentation (cat. 69, p. 248). The long, plainwoven connecting panel with a vertical slit is a characteristic feature; in this item it is decorated with horizontal stripes in red, green and aubergine. A parallel piece has been published by Brüggemann and Böhmer.
Origin: North West Anatolia
Dimensions: 125 x 40 cm
Age: Late 19th century
Estimate: 1,950.00 €
Literature: BRÜGGEMANN, WERNER & BÖHMER, HARALD, Teppiche der Bauern und Nomaden in Anatolien. Munich 1982, cat. 86