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Major Spring Auction
Auction date: Saturday 29. May 2010
Rippon Boswell & Co. International Auctioneers of Rare Carpets & Textiles

Lot: 86
Balikesir Kilim Fragment
“This kilim was the first important example of its design type to come onto the Istanbul market, via the village of Savashteppe... This example is fragmented; it is missing the red surround with the pinnacle or finger-like transition to the field.” (JR)

Two other fragments of this kilim type have been published. No. 14 in Konzett, classified as “Yüncü”, still has the “parmakli” side finishes while the example from the McCoy Jones Collection only constitutes the centre part of the field, as does OS-87. The design might be linked to pile-woven carpets, such as inv. no. E-16 (16th cent.) in the Istanbul Vakiflar Museum, or derived from these.
Origin: North West Anatolia
Size: 295 x 70 cm
Age: 18th century
Estimate: 3.000,00 €
Literature: COOTNER, CATHRYN & MUSE, GARRY, Anatolian Kilims. The Caroline & H. McCoy Jones Collection. San Francisco-London 1990, pl. 22 *** PLOIER, HELMUT, Gewebte Poesie. Frühe anatolische Kelims. Sammlung Konzett. Graz 1991, no. 14