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Azerbaijan Rugs

   Azerbaijan Rugs was established in 2004 as an independent company, specializing in certifiably genuine Caucasian rugs, both antique rugs and newly woven and knotted rugs made to order, using the same ancient traditions of manufacture that have made Azerbaijan the oldest rug-making culture in the world.

   At the present time we work through our workshop, which is located 20 km away from the center of Baku city.

   We are trying to reestablish our forefathers' tradition in offering for sale these museum-quality rugs and carpets. Pursuing this ancient tradition, we serve the great culture of our country, Azerbaijan. For thousands of years, our ancestors have made carpets of inimitable beauty, of inexhaustible richness in color, of amazing interlacement of patterns, of artistic fantasy, and, most of all, of consummate skill. We consider it an honor to present these timeless masterpieces to the world.

Our Past
Our forefather Sarkhan, who was born in the 1760s in Zargarli, the northwest part of Baku City, was a merchant. He used to merchandise in Turkish, Persian, and Russian markets. Early on, his son Haghi and later his grandson Muhammad kept up the business that had been established by Sarkhan. Later, in 1845, Muhammad joined the national liberation army of Sheikh Shamil’s (1834-1859). He stayed in the army for 7 years. Later, his son Mashadi Dadash continued the family tradition, trading mainly with the Persian market.

Our great grandfather Karbala-i Ali Hussein (1866-1941)

   Our great-grandfather Karbala-i Ali Hussein (1866-1941) was one of the most famous carpet merchants of Baku. During the years 1890-1920 he traded extensively in Azerbaijan carpets--specially Baku, Kuba, and Shirvan carpets--in Nijniy Novgorod (Russia), in Istanbul (Ottoman), and in Persian markets. He was known not only as a good merchant, but also as a good person with a tender character. In 1920 the Russian Red Army invaded Azerbaijan, and the Communist regime abolished the ancient private trade. Karbala-i Ali Hussein died in 1941 in his house, which was situated in the old-city section of Baku, Icheri Sheher.


Our Future
We are planning on opening, soon, a gallery in San Francisco, California. We hope to expand our presence and our goal of providing to the world a continuation of our beautiful and honorable tradition.

Vügar Dadaşov, the head of Baku-based Azerbaijan Rugs, was born in 1977 in Baku. He graduated from the University of Istanbul, Department of International Relations, and lives in Baku today

Our workshop & weavers


Dyeing with pomegranate rinds


The exhibition of our rugs which was held at the US Embassy in  June 2010

Today our rugs adorn and add warmth and beauty to many prestigious houses, offices, country clubs and corporations in Italy, United States, UK, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Argentine, Chile, Brazil, Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, N. Ireland, France and South Africa.


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